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School Fees Management Software

Simplify School Fee Management with FEESPRO

Are you tired of the hassles of manual fee collection and management? Introducing FEESPRO – the ultimate solution for seamless and efficient school fee management!

Automated Fee Collection
FEESPRO automates the entire fees collection process of the school.
Custom Fee Structures
Adapt to your school's unique fee requirements with flexible fee plans
Real-Time Updates
Stay informed with instant notifications on payments, dues, and important deadlines
Improved Cash Flow
FEESPRO improves the schools cash flow by streamlining fees collection
Automated Fee Collection
Say goodbye to manual calculations. FEESPRO automates the entire fee collection process, making it quick and error-free.
Real-time Fees Reporting
Track fee collections, pending payments, and generate comprehensive reports effortlessly.
Online Payment Integration
Enable parents to pay fees securely online. Providing convenience for both parents and your administrative staff.
Customizable Fee Structures
Tailor fee structures to meet the unique needs of your school. FEESPRO adapts to your fee categories and structures seamlessly.
Automated Reminders
No more late payments! Set up automated reminders for pending fees, ensuring timely payments and reducing administrative workload.
Student and Parent Portals
Empower students and parents with secure portals to view fee details, payment history, and receive timely notifications.
User-Friendly Interface
SMS Notification
Branded Fees Receipts
User Roles
Cloud-Based Software
Online Backup
Secure Solution